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Frequently asked questions:

Q: What makes your brand unique in promoting scalp and hair health?
A: Our brand is known for its healing and soothing space, with a commitment to holistic care guided by dermatologists and our in-house clinical consultant.

Q: Can you guarantee improvements in my scalp and hair health?
A: While we don't diagnose or claim to cure conditions, our in-house clinical consultant provides training and guidance to effectively manage common scalp and hair concerns, and we are confident in making a positive difference.
Q: What should I expect from the scalp and hair treatments?
A: Click here for details.

Q: What should I do to prepare for my appointment?
A: Ensure your hair is detangled and free from any extensions or braids. For optimal results, avoid shampooing at least two days before and after your appointment.
Q: Is a consultation and scalp exam included in the service? 
A: We collaborate with dermatologists and use specialized products to address various scalp and hair issues. However, please note we don't diagnose or clinically assess scalp diseases. Rest assured, our products and methods will visibly enhance your scalp and hair health with continued visits.
Q: What is in your products? 
A: Click here for details.

Q: What is the significance of avoiding shampooing before and after my appointment?
A: Avoiding shampoo helps you reap the full benefits of our therapeutic treatments by allowing them to work effectively on your scalp and hair.
Q: How long does it take for hair follicles to regrow, and what if they are damaged?
A: Typically, hair follicles grow back within one to two months if the scalp doesn't need to recover from damage. Damaged follicles may take up to four years to regrow hair normally, and permanent damage may prevent new strands from growing.
Q: How do skin conditions impact the scalp and hair?
A: Conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema can cause severe itching, scaling, or flaking, making hair follicles more susceptible to breaking, poor growth, and dryness without proper care.
Q: What lifestyle changes can strengthen hair follicles naturally?
A: Improving nutrition, increasing daily water intake, limiting caffeinated drinks, and adjusting your hair care routine (frequency of washing and styling) are natural ways to strengthen hair follicles.
Q: Can frequent use of styling products affect hair follicle health?
A: Yes, styling gels, rubber bands, hairspray, and hot tools, if used frequently, may affect the health of your hair follicles. Consider using alternatives for long-term hair health.
Q: How often should I get therapeutic treatments for optimal results?
A: The frequency of therapeutic treatments can vary. Consult with our team during your visit to determine the best schedule based on your individual scalp and hair needs.
Q: What policies should I be aware of before booking an appointment?
A: We recommend reading our policies before booking to ensure a smooth experience, covering topics such as cancellation, rescheduling, and any specific requirements for certain treatments.
Q: Can I purchase a gift card? 
A: Yes. Gift certificates can be purchased here.  
Q: Can I buy the products used during my treatment? 
A: Our products are not for sale. They are curated in small batches for us only.
Q: Will scalp treatments affect my color/Keratin?
A:  Most of our scalp treatments are suitable for color-treated hair. Please read the service descriptions before booking.
Q: Can all hair types receive all treatments? 
A: Yes, our treatments are suitable for all hair textures and types.
Q: Is PSS safe for expecting mothers? 
A: Absolutely! Our space and products are perfectly safe for expecting mothers.
Q: Are blowouts included?
A: Many of our treatments promote natural drying, enhancing hair follicle health and minimizing long-term hair loss. The Pure Radiance service is the only one that includes a blowout.
Q: Can I bring my own blow dryer or styling products to use during the service?
A: We kindly ask clients not to bring their own blow dryer or styling products. Our carefully curated services includes the use of high-quality tools and products selected for optimal results, ensuring you receive the full benefits of our expertise.
Q: What is the service charge for?
A: The service charge is a direct contribution to your Scalp Therapist for their dedicated service. To enhance your convenience, it will be seamlessly integrated into the total price of the service(s).

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