Soothing Spaces

We’re not namaste for the sake of a vibe; we truly believe in creating an environment that is soothing and inspiring. Our clients look forward to spending time in our space, they never want to leave. 

Tailored Experiences

Our scalp and hair services are as unique as the people we treat; with custom formulated product blends and therapies tailored to meet our clients’ needs. 

Long-term Relationships

Less interested in selling products, more interested in building relationships. Our staff is dedicated to each client’s journey so we can evolve and thrive together over time. 

Prioritizing People

Our space is only open a few days a week and we can only see a limited number of clients per day. But that’s on purpose. We want each client to know they are valued and that every visit should feel and be experience. We slow things down to focus on you.

Intelligence + Intuition

We apply cutting-edge science with a warm and human touch. Our clients trust us to apply the very best solutions through our treatments. 

Minimal Distraction

We are intentional about the experiences we desire for each client and teammate to create, which is why we do not have a tv, magazines, and no chit-chatting during your service(s). We encourage everyone in the studio to relax and enjoy their service(s).


PSS is a safe haven and ALL of our clients are VIP. Therefore, services are done in private rooms with its own shampoo bowl, styling chair, tools, brushes/combs, towels etc.

True Beauty

We don’t see “problems” we only see beautiful scalps in need of care. We welcome all into our space and acknowledge their true beauty.

Fun and Feeling Good

At PSS, we believe it is your responsibility to create fun and be an unlimited source of happiness and joy primarily for yourself. We created an environment to remind you that are supposed to feel good!


Our Values

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10881 W. Washington Blvd

Ste 202, Culver City, CA 90232


Thu, Fri and Sat:  9.00am - 6pm

By online appointment only