At Pure Skin and Scalp Wellness Studio, our mission is to create beautiful experiences that uplift and rejuvenate every client. 


Your uniquely restorative experience is curated from the moment you walk in, from the ambiance of beautiful scents to the colors and the soothing energy that surrounds you.


The goal is that you look forward to spending time in our space to be able to disconnect from the external in an intentional, positive way.
Juliet Okonkwo created Pure Skin and Scalp Wellness Studio to be the whole beauty experience she couldn’t find.


With a flagship location in the heart of Culver City, PS&S is all about a nurturing environment filled with good energy, a singular approach to whole beauty, and the confidence to do things our own way.  

More than one-off treatments, PS&S is a partner on a sustained journey to whole beauty.

Purposefully hosting a limited number of appointments each week, every session is dedicated to the individual and catered to meet their wellness needs and beauty goals. 


Authentically ourselves, we invite others to thrive in their own skin as we treat them to the best in scalp and hair care. 


​During your visit with us expect very minimal chatter, no magazines and no TVs. Let your time in our space serve as a reminder to hit pause on disempowering thoughts. 


"A lot of problems...are very much related with mental peace. We should pay more attention to developing peace of mind" - The Dalai Lama.


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