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Ready to Book Your Service?

  • If you are unsure what service to select, you may call for a phone consultation. As a reminder we do NOT use any device to diagnose or analyze the scalp/hair.

  • Ensure your hair is detangled and free from extensions or braids for optimal results.

  • To maximize the benefits of our treatments, refrain from shampooing for at least two days before and after your appointment.

  • Review our policies before scheduling your appointment.

A Sanctuary for Your Well-being to Flourish

  • Crafting exquisite moments that inspire and revitalize every guest. Your distinctively restorative journey begins the moment you step inside, enveloped by delightful scents, soothing colors, and a tranquil ambiance.

  • Immerse yourself in our Tranquil Oasis, where we prioritize your well-being beyond aesthetics. With minimal distractions from the outside world, we provide a space for you to pause negative thoughts and embrace peace.

  • Our Scalp Therapists practice mindfulness by working quietly during the service(s).

  • Experience the fusion of advanced expertise and genuine care as we tailor scientifically proven blends to meet your unique needs.

  • We're committed to fostering long-term relationships and prioritizing your wellness with personalized attention, ensuring you feel valued and appreciated for your true beauty.

Understanding Scalp and Hair Health

  • Hair follicles typically regrow within one to two months after damage, but it may take up to four years if follicles are damaged or permanently affected. Skin conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis can cause itching, scaling, and flaking, affecting follicle health and hair growth.

  • To naturally enhance follicle health, focus on proper nutrition, hydration, and gentle hair care practices. Avoid excessive use of styling products and hot tools, which can damage follicles. Opt for lower styling temperatures and scalp massages to promote healthy hair growth.


*While we do not diagnose or claim to cure any scalp/hair conditions, we work closely with our in-house clinical consultant who provides training and guidance to treat and effectively manage common scalp/hair concerns.

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