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Reap the Rewards of A Healthy Scalp

It’s no secret that the way you look can play a large part in the way you feel. Hair has been considered a woman’s “crowning glory” since Greek and Roman times, when there was a heavy emphasis on hair and its decorative purposes. Beautiful strands and hairstyles were a sign of prosperity and status. Fast-forward to today, and little has changed. A scalp that’s well cared for is the key to gorgeous hair.

At Pure Skin & Scalp, our Scalp Therapists can help you maintain a healthy scalp, which has the power to improve your appearance, self-confidence, and perception. Here’s how to make the most of what you’ve got.

Base the frequency of your hair washing on how much oil your scalp produces. Oily scalps may require daily washings. As you get older, though, your scalp releases less oil, so daily washings probably won’t be necessary.

Chemical-fueled hair treatments, such as dyes, straighteners and perms, tend to strip or tamp down scalp oil, so you want to wash it less often. On the other hand, not washing your hair enough can lead to dandruff, so keep an eye out for those pesky and embarrassing flakes.

When washing your hair, target your scalp rather than the whole length of your hair. Doing otherwise will do little to clean your scalp and a lot to lessen your hair’s shine and dull its texture. And use your fingertips—not your fingernails—when scrubbing your scalp. Fingernails can create small abrasions that are gateways for bacteria. They also don’t “cover as much ground” as fingertips.

If you like to take dips or exercise in a pool, lake or ocean, use a tight-fitting swim cap to protect your scalp from the harmful effects of chlorine, sea salt, sand and possible biological pollutants.

Choose your shampoo and conditioner wisely. Look for brands and types that are made specifically for oily, dry or “normal” hair. The compounds in these particular shampoos and conditioners also affect your scalp.

How you wash your hair and the products you use can go a long way toward maintaining a well-maintained scalp and the resulting attractive hair—features that we at Pure Skin & Scalp enthusiastically support.

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