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A space for your best self to thrive

Support your wellbeing, scalp and hair health.

Our tailored treatments  promote beautiful hair,  
starting at the root.



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*While we do not diagnose or claim to cure any scalp/hair conditions, our Scalp Therapists work closely with our in-house clinical consultant who provides training and guidance to treat and effectively manage common scalp/hair concerns.


Pure Skin and Scalp believes in a transformative whole-beauty experience that nurtures individuals to help them look, feel, and be their best self.


With a space intentionally designed to support well-being, we specialize in maintaining and improving your overall scalp and hair health.


Through innovative skincare, our team of board-certified clinicians are constantly researching and creating new products that allow us to tailor treatments that promote beautiful hair, starting at the root.


Custom dermatologist-grade products that contain a perfect balance of organic and clinical grade ingredients, scientifically proven formulations, and personalized treatment plans produce effective results that are more than skin deep. 

Even if you are not experiencing dandruff, flaking or hair loss, your scalp needs to be cared for by a trained professional to maintain its health. 

Skin health commonly focuses on the skin you can see, most forget that the scalp is made of the same skin as well. 

An unhealthy scalp can result in various forms of hair loss or thinning. Common dandruff, itchiness, scaling, flaking, and redness are most often results from poor scalp care.

Scalp health plays an important role for healthy hair growth. As you age, hair follicles become more susceptible to breaking, poor growth, dryness, excessive oiliness, split ends, sun damage, and much more. Just as the skin on your face can show visible signs of aging so can your scalp.


Beautifully your best self


Pure Skin & Scalp Wellness Studio

Thu, Fri and Sat:  9.00am - 6pm

By online appointment only

10881 W. Washington Blvd

Suite 202, Culver City, California 90232

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