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Why don’t you sell products??

This has to be THE most common question we get from our guests, and we totally get it! Most of you are used to leaving a salon or dermatologist with a product(s) or medication in your hand to help you “resolve” your scalp or hair issues such as crusting, scaling, flacking, itching, breakage and even more severe challenges such as seborrheic dermatitis and psoriatic scalp.

Well, we are not your hair salon or your dermatologist. Our approach is different, starting within our studio which is a completely stress-free environment, allowing for a complete mind and body therapeutic experience. We also partnered with an advanced clinical skin and hair care company to develop exclusive products and techniques that will help to truly manage many of your chronic scalp and hair issues.


Most of these scalp and hair issues can NOT be cured but they can be managed. Take a different approach to caring for your scalp and hair. The Pure Relief or Pure Relief Express, will help balance your scalp and repair your hair, leaving your symptoms well managed and your hair growing healthy again. Give the do-it-yourself-products and home remedies a break and experience the difference at Pure Skin and Scalp Therapy Studio.

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