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A Space for Your Best Self To Thrive

Create beautiful experiences that uplift and rejuvenate every guest.

Your uniquely restorative experience is curated from the moment you walk in, from the ambiance of beautiful scents to the colors and the soothing energy that surrounds you.

Soothing Space

We are not namaste for the sake of a vibe; we truly believe in creating a soothing and welcoming environment. During your visit with us expect very minimal chatter, no magazines and no TVs. Let your time in our space serve as a reminder to hit pause on disempowering thoughts.


Intelligence + Intuition

We apply cutting-edge science with a warm and human touch. Forward thinking on technology, new techniques and applications to improve the quality of your scalp and hair health.

Tailored Experiences

Blends of scientifically proven formulations and personalized plans produce effective results to meet your specific needs.


Long-term Relationships

Less interested in selling products, more interested in building relationships.

Prioritizing People

Purposefully hosting a limited number of appointments each week, every session is dedicated to the individual and catered to meet their wellness needs and while bringing their scalp to a healthy balance.


True Beauty

Less focus on the unwanted and more on what is wanted. Where most see “problems” our goal is to offer effective solutions. We acknowledge your true beauty.

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