The Mood Room

What’s your mood?
Let us make it a little better.

In a busy world where you barely have time to check in with yourself, let us help you have the next best feeling, moment, and experience in our Mood Room. 

Take some time out of your busy lives to disconnect, escape, no cellphones, just time alone in our unique space designed for personal expression. 

​Select music from our playlist, practice your dance moves, self-reflect, journal, quiet your mind, get clarity or just take deep breaths, get a handle on the rest of your day or just live in the moment for a moment. 

Come as you are, have the experience you need, leave a little better.

For more information about access to this room please call or email us. 

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10881 W. Washington Blvd

Ste 202, Culver City, CA 90232


Thu, Fri and Sat:  9.00am - 6pm

By online appointment only