The Mood Room

The Mood Room is a constant reminder for me to take better care of myself by finding reasons to feel good regardless of any condition, to bask in thoughts that support a more joyful life, and to create and appreciate more moments of stillness which I find always bring me clarity. I get to be alone, disconnect from all the noise and distractions that do not serve me.

What I love the most about the Mood Room is that it means something different to everyone. You get to define it. It feels like a safe haven for some, it feels like a spiritual place to some, and it is a place for a solo dance party to others! You could journal, sit and reflect, meditate or practice yoga moves. You could scream/yell, dance whatever form of self-expression is needed to help you feel a bit better at that moment.

The tranquil playlist in the Mood Room helps keep me still and clears my mind when I am unable to focus. However, we can create a personalized playlist if you send us a few of your favorite tunes that make you feel uplifted or even make you want to dance!

The goal is that you leave feeling better/or even happier and your mind a lot clearer. Raise your vibration!

Juliet Okonkwo, Founder/Owner